About Me

Photo © Bruce Matsunaga

Photo © Bruce Matsunaga

I am a scholar of rhetoric and writing in digital spaces. I have been intrigued by Internet culture and technologically mediated discourse ever since my days of LiveJournal Harry Potter roleplay. Because of my upbringing as a child of the internet, my research largely examines intersectional facets of identity—gender, sexuality, race, age, class, ability—asking how these differences mediate our experiences with digital tools and interfaces, and in turn how those technologies influence the writing of our diverse selves.

This insatiable curiosity about our on- and offline lives has led to a number of recent projects, including:

In Fall 2016, I will be teaching first-year composition at Purdue University, as I begin PhD studies in the Department of English‘s program in Rhetoric and Composition. I received bachelor’s degrees in Professional Writing and Women’s & Gender Studies, as well as a master’s degree in Digital Rhetoric & Professional Writing, from Michigan State University. Go green!

When I am not hastily typing or Photoshopping, I enjoy binge-watching British comedy on Netflix, making giant pots of soup, trying new teas, and flirting with dogs in hopes that they’ll follow me home.

Please feel free to contact me through any of my social media accounts below, or by email at allegra.w.smith@gmail.com. I would love to have a conversation with you online.


*** Terminology adapted from Suzanne Kesler Rumsey’s (2009) “Heritage Literacy: Adoption, Adaptation, and Alienation of Multimodal Literacy Tools:” College Composition and Communication, 60, 573–586.