Presentations & Workshops

How am I sharing my teaching lately? Here’s a selection of materials from recent presentations I’ve given at brown bags, symposia, and professional development events.

Social Entrepreneurship for Business Writing

This poster presentation won best in show in the Purdue Department of English 2020 Pedagogy Showcase. It This poster describes the goals and deliverables of an ENGL 420 (Business Writing) course themed around social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs seek to conduct “business as if people mattered,” creating positive social change through commercial enterprise. The poster gives background information on social entrepreneurship, sample applications from student projects and real-life businesses, student reflections on the major concepts from course memos and evaluations, and an outline of major assignments linked with the framework, including a final course project that asks students to pitch a social or cultural innovation for a specific market segment, in the style of television’s Shark Tank. A full-sized PDF of the poster is available here.