Metrics & Evaluations

Aggregate Student Evaluation Scores

(Scores are means on a 5-point Likert Scale)

TermCourse# Responses /
# Enrolled
Evaluation Score
Evaluation Score
FS16 ENGL 10616/194.85.0
SS17ENGL 10617/204.14.9
FS17ENGL 42020/224.24.5
FS17ENGL 106Y10/134.74.8
SS18ENGL 42020/204.85.0
FS18ENGL 30614/164.95.0
SS19ENGL 30619/204.94.9
SUM19ENGL 421Y17/204.24.9

Selected Student & Colleague Evaluations

Allegra made every class interesting and interactive. There was always something to do and I looked forward to class everyday. I love how there was so much room for creativity and choosing your own topics, it made things a lot of fun. I learned a lot about document design, project management, aiming at audiences and more form this class and I intend to use them in my life and career moving forwards.

Student Review for ENGL 420 (Business Writing), Spring Semester 2018

Allegra carefully scripted and recorded a series of videos that accompanied each module throughout the course. The quality of the videos, along with the sense of who Allegra was as an instructor radiated off the screen. By the end of my review, I was wishing I was a Purdue undergrad who could sign up to take her section of English Composition. I highly recommend her.

Quality Matters Reviewer for ENGL 106Y, Fall 2017

Allegra is one of the best instructors I’ve had at Purdue so far. Her drive and passion for professional writing has really opened my eyes to this major, and I have seen my skills improved. I’ve found myself using things I learned in class in the real world. Her assignments and guidance helped me secure an internship this spring. I used what I learned in class in that interview and while filling out my job application. I am extremely grateful I enrolled in this course. I really wish I could take it again, it was so much fun and invigorating.

Student Review for ENGL 306 (Introduction to Professional Writing), Fall Semester 2018

Allegra is an excellent instructor and her constant attention to detail and ability to provide constructive criticism is always welcome. She is very fair in terms of grading. Whenever I have a question about the course I know Allegra will be more than willing to answer me. Allegra is one of the most caring instructors I’ve had at Purdue. While she is firm in her class values, Allegra understands that students have lives outside of class and is always willing to accommodate them. Course material is highly prevalent to the class objectives. Allegra’s courses have been some of my favorite/most important courses that I’ve taken in my major.

Student Review for ENGL 421Y (Technical Writing Online), Summer Semester 2019