Courses & Materials

Here you’ll find syllabi, assignment descriptions, rubrics, and information on courses I have designed and taught.

Technical Writing Online (ENGL 421Y)
Purdue University: Summer 2019

A screenshot of Allegra, a white woman with short red hair, teaching a video lesson on writing documentation. A slide with the title "lo-fi documentation" is projected behind her, with a picture of sketched-out instructions on how to send a Facebook message

English 421 helps students become better technical writers—across global audiences, for multiple purposes, and in a variety of media. The work of the course is centered on presenting technical material in written and visual formats that demonstrate an awareness of audience needs and contexts, achieve implicit and explicit rhetorical purposes, and work to effectively address workplace, social, or global problem. The summer section that I am currently teaching is condensed into eight weeks, moving students from job documents, to documentation (written in a group), and a technical report.

Introduction to Professional Writing (ENGL 306)
Purdue University: Fall 2018, Spring 2019

Required for all students in the professional writing major and minor, ENGL 306 introduces students to the practice of professional writing, and the wide array of careers available to professional writers. Students study texts, concepts and contexts important to the practice of professional writing and produce documents for both print and digital distribution. I designed my sections of ENGL 306 as a “sampler platter” of the types of work that professional writers do, giving students experience in writing, researching, and designing communication audits, documentation, websites, press releases, and job documents.